Weights Multi-gyms & Strength Training

Weights Multi-gyms & Strength Training
This section includes some great deals on Weights Multi-gyms & Strength Training products listed from £22.99-£429.99
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Adidas - Home Fitness Rig

Space-efficient, the functional training rig is a hub of versatile training activities. The adidas H..

£429.99 £399.99

Everlast - Folding Bench With 50kg Weights

This Everlast weight bench offers strength training in comfort and convenience at home. With a 2 pos..

£99.99 £89.99

Everlast 58KG Home Multi Gym

Target and train your entire body with the all-in-one Everlast Multi Gym. With a maximum 67kg resist..

£199.99 £174.99

Men's Health - 100KG Olympic Weight Set

Suited to those with advanced fitness experience, this Mens Health 100kg Weight Set is easy to use a..

£149.99 £129.99

Men's Health 20kg Cast Dumbbell Box Set

Dumbbells are a cheap and effective way to get fit and toned without leaving the house. Whether you ..

£44.99 £39.99

Men's Health 90kg Home Multi Gym

Make sure you get a great full body workout thanks to the Mens Health 90kg Home Multi Gym. Perfect f..

£329.99 £299.99

Men's Health Folding Workout Bench with 35kg Weights

The ultimate workout package. 4 adjustable back rest positions make the Mens Health Folding Workout ..

£109.99 £99.99

Opti - 15 Kg Vinyl Dumbbell Set

Help to build and tone your upper body with this 15kg dumbbell set from Opti. It is a great way to g..

£27.99 £19.99

Opti - 15kg Vinyl Dumbbell Tree

Perfect for beginners and those looking to save a little bit of space. This Opti 15.8kg vinyl dumbbe..

£27.99 £14.99

Opti 2x10kg Vinyl Weights

Add to your growing weight set and youll soon be adding to your muscle as well. These two 10kg vinyl..

£29.99 £19.99

Opti 35kg Cast Bar and Dumbbell Set

Take your home weight training to the next level and build your muscles with this Opti 35kg barbell ..

£64.99 £54.99

Opti Multi Pull Up Bar

The Opti Upper Body door gym is a multi-function door gym for training your upper body. In just one ..

£24.99 £19.99

Opti Tricurl Bar

The unique shape of this Opti tricurl bar makes it far more versatile than conventional barbells. Wo..

£22.99 £15.99

Opti Z Curl Set - 17kg

Go on. Just one more. This Opti weights set is ideal for more advanced weightlifters. It gives you a..

£42.69 £24.99

Pro Fitness - 50kg Home Gym

This Pro Fitness home gym is an ideal workout station for any fitness enthusiast. The multifunction ..

£159.99 £119.99