Scarifiers Rotavators & Tillers

Scarifiers Rotavators & Tillers
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Einhell 1200W 310mm Electric Scarifier & Aerator

The GC-SA 1231 Electric Sacrifier & Aerator is a 2-in-1 device, essential for achieving the perfect ..

£106.99 £101.99

Flymo 3400 Corded Lawn Rake

It has a unique design, which enables this lawn rake to gather and compact moss, thatch, and leaves ..

£89.99 £79.99

Grizzly Tools 1400W Corded Lawn Scarifier and Aerate

With separate easy change Scarify and Aerate 35cm wide drum sets this is a great step towards a natu..

£184.99 £164.99

Qualcast - Corded Rotavator - 800W

The Qualcast 800W Tiller digs, levels, furrows, burrows and weeds; This electric rotivator with 4 st..

£38.99 £49.99