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Shears & Loppers
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Gardena Axe

The hardened blade of this axe makes it perfect to cut through tough materials.It is made from premi..

£29.99 £19.99

Gardena Bypass Secateurs 8904

The GARDENA Bypass Secateurs are suited for cutting flowers, young shoots and fresh wood.The narrow ..

£19.99 £16.99

Gardena Classic Hedge Clippers

With the GARDENA Classic Hedge Clippers 540 FSC 100 %, a smooth and efficient hedge trim can be achi..

£23.99 £21.49

Gardena Combi System Set

Includes a 130cm FSC approved wooden handle, a 30cm rake for raking and levelling, a 3 pronged grubb..

£39.99 £24.99

Gardena Folding Saw 135P

The Gardeners Folding Saw is 135mm in total, making it easy-to-use for cutting back thicker branches..

£19.99 £15.98

Gardena Lopper and Secateur Set

Keep your garden neat and tidy with this duo set.The Gardena cutting set includes a pair of bypass l..

£39.99 £24.99

Razorsharp Bypass and Anvil Secateur

A twin pack of bypass and anvil secateur, with PTFE coated blades for rust resistance and smoother c..

£15.99 £8.49

Razorsharp Heavy Duty Bypass Secateur

Professional Heavy Duty Bypass Secateur is designed to withstand the rigours of professional use, da..

£17.09 £15.38

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Secateurs and Sharpener Set

The set contains Razorsharp Advance Ratchet Anvil secateurs and a 6 in 1 Blade Sharpener.The secateu..

£8.99 £11.11

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Small Folding Pruning Saw

Folding Prunins Saw features a 245mm carbon steel blade with ultra sharp precision ground teeth a 7 ..

£5.99 £11.33

Wilkinson Sword Geared Bypass Loppers

The Wilkinson Sword 1111135WF Geared Bypass Loppers give a precise, clean cut ideal to use on young,..

£29.99 £27.99