Decorative Arches

Decorative Arches
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Forest Florence Garden Arch

This quality garden arch features a high curved rafter top section with rebated trellis side panels...

£252.99 £232.99

Forest Garden Whitby Arbour

The Whitby Arbour is inspired by the iconic whalebone arch on Whitbys seafront and will create a fan..

£563.99 £518.99

Forest Garden Whitby Arch

The Whitby Arch features thick section rails which are smooth planned to create a graceful and uniqu..

£312.99 £287.99

Forest Garden Whitby Extended Arch

The Whitby Extended Arch features thick section rails, perfect for training climbing plants, and com..

£437.99 £402.99

Forest Honeysuckle Garden Arch

A traditional garden arch featuring rustic round timber for a natural finish. Manufactured from fsc ..

£112.99 £102.99

Forest Ryeford Garden Pergola Style Arch

Attractive pergola style arch, ideal for creating a decorative feature over a pathway or garden entr..

£134.99 £124.99

Gardman - Easy - Garden Arch

Ideal for framing garden entrances and pathways, and offering a decorative support for climbing plan..

£14.99 £9.44

Grange - Free Standing Flower Circle

This Grange Free standing flower circle will make for an exquisitely beautiful focal point within an..

£490.99 £437.00