Compressors & Pumps

Compressors & Pumps
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Grizzly Tools Rain Barrel Pump - 350W

Perfect for watering your flowers with water collected in a rain barrel or water collecting device. ..

£79.99 £72.99

Karcher SP3 Pump

The SP3 is the entry level dirty water pump from Karcher capable of moving 7000L/H from areas such a..

£79.99 £59.99

Karcher SP7 Pump

The SP7 is the premium dirty water pump capable of moving 15,500L/H from areas such as ponds, pools ..

£139.99 £118.99

Katcher ST6 Automatic Watering System

The ST6 SensoTimer has a control sensor that measures the soils moisture level, transmitting every 3..

£109.99 £79.99

RAC HP108 5 - in - 1 Air Compressor

Suitable for car, bicycle tyres and other inflatables up to 100psi. This unit has a preset auto cut ..

£40.99 £35.99