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Kitchen Scales
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Beurer - DS61 Nutritional Analysis Kitchen Scale

Beurer DS61 Nutritional Analysis scale for calorie-conscious cooking.Suitable for diabetics.Display ..

£39.99 £32.99

Beurer - KS 42 U Slim Hanging SS Scale

The Beurer KS 42 ultra slim stainless steel scale has a large LCD display and an easy clean finger p..

£29.99 £21.99

Beurer - KS19 Fresh Kitchen Scales

Beurer KS19 Fresh Design Kitchen Scale made of safety glass.Weight capacity 5kg, graduations 1g.Adju..

£19.99 £12.99

Beurer - KS59 XXL Domestic Scale

The Beurer KS 59 XXL is a multi-functioning electronic domestic scale.With a maximum weight capacity..

£29.99 £26.99

Beurer KS36 High Precision Kitchen Scale

Beurer KS36 is a high precision kitchen scale perfect for weighing spices, powders or pigments.Has a..

£29.99 £24.99

ColourMatch - Digital Kitchen Scale - Super White

If you love to bake and what more precise and accurate results, then this Super White ColourMatch di..

£11.99 £8.99

ColourMatch - Square Digital Kitchen Scale - Jet Black

If you love to bake and what more precise and accurate results, then this Jet Black ColourMatch digi..

£11.99 £8.99

ColourMatch - Square Digital Kitchen Scale - Poppy Red

If you love to bake and what more precise and accurate results, then this Poppy Red ColourMatch digi..

£11.99 £8.99

Heston Blumenthal - Double Platform Digital Scale

Maximum capacity 10kg / 22lbs / 10 litres / 350fl.oz.Imperial and metric measurements.Imperial_metri..

£44.99 £40.49

Heston Blumenthal - Precision Scale

This sleek kitchen scale is designed for highly accurate weighing of food ingredients before cooking..

£29.99 £26.99

Leifheit Genio Folding Kitchen Scales - Green

Compact and space saving, easy to foldaway and store.Auto-on as arms are opened, takes all sizes of ..

£18.99 £14.99

Salter - Electronic Bowl Scale

This bowl scale is an essential kitchen equipment when you want your proportions to be perfect and a..

£12.99 £8.49

Salter Digital Heavy Weight Kitchen Scale

Designed with a max capacity of 15kg, this kitchen scale is the real deal.The stylish mirrored platf..

£39.99 £29.99

Salter Stainless Steel Pro Electronic Scales

Designed with a stainless steel surface and curved edges, this kitchen scale is supported by a hidde..

£19.99 £15.99